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Complete Guide to Jurassic World—The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood

June 3, 2022
Jurassic World The Ride Big Splash

Located atUniversal Studios Hollywoodin California on the lower lot is a little slice of paradise calledJurassic World. This immersive area includes the thrilling attraction, Jurassic World—The Ride,Raptor Encounter, and the tropical restaurantIsla Nu-Bar.你会觉得你已经走进了电影!要到达那里,你可以乘坐Starway(这本身就是一种有趣的自动扶梯体验)一直下去,在那里你可以看到圣费尔南多谷的壮丽景色,还有非常酷的鸟瞰侏罗纪世界。

Blonde woman in front of Jurassic World arches

For me, this area of the park is an absolute favorite as Jurassic World holds a very special place in my heart — I love these films so much, I even had the film score played by a violinist as I walked down the aisle at my wedding, which took place in Costa Rica. My husband is also a big fan of the Jurassic franchise. On one of our first trips together, we made time to see the first “Jurassic World” opening day, even though we were on a small island in Hawaii. We can’t wait to see “Jurassic World Dominion” on opening day this year atCityWalk.

Couple in Hawaii with mountains and clouds

Most recently, we traveled to Oahu, Hawaii, where we were able to take a tour of a few remaining sets from the original Jurassic World. It was an incredible experience to see the film locations, but I must say experiencing Jurassic World—The Ride makes you feel as if you’re inside the movie itself.


Jurassic World the Ride

Jurassic World-The Ride is a thrilling ride that features an original story that takes place within the theme park as depicted in the blockbuster Jurassic World films. From the cafe to the Raptor Encounter to the ride, you will feel like stepped onto Isla Nublar.



Jurassic World Ride

As I mentioned, you’re on a tour of Jurassic World, a relaxing and exciting boat ride to see life-size dinosaurs. You start by entering the underwater exhibit for the jaw dropping Mosasaurus during feeding time — you know, the apex predator of the deep. Full disclosure, I cried some during this part. It’s such a beautiful way to start off the ride. Did I mention I love dinosaurs?

The tour continues with another tear jerker as they announce the new baby stegosaurus being welcomed to the park.


We are now headed into Predator Cove and it seems something isreally不正确的。克莱尔·迪林告诉我们要保持冷静,我们继续向捕食者湾前进,直奔雷克斯暴龙王国。暴虐霸王龙似乎已经逃离了她的围场,她正在寻找……我们!这可不妙。

You make your way up a ramp as Owen Grady tells you not to panic. But of course, I panicked! You’re then greeted by some Velociraptors causing trouble and a surprise visit from the Indominus Rex stalking your every move. A few Dilophosaurus spit at you as you’re close to reaching the top of the waterfall when you see Blue trying to help you. All of a sudden, a larger than life battle breaks out between the Indominus rex and the Tyrannosaurus rex. As you watch the fight take place over your head, you suddenly plummet 84 feet down to a huge splash.

Jurassic World The Ride Splash


If you’re looking for some souvenirs (like I always do), take a stroll through thegift shopto get a photo of your terrified expression as you plunged 84-feet. There also are some great Jurassic World souvenirs, including dinosaur sculptures. I love the Mr. DNA long-sleeve shirts and the plush dinosaurs that I bought for my nephew.


Jurassic World Isla Nubar

After riding Jurassic World—The Ride, don’t forget to check outJurassic Caféor grab a tiki cocktail at the Isla Nu-bar. During my last visit, I had a delicious Tropical Roasted Chicken Salad. It had Iceberg lettuce, shredded cabbage, avocado, house-made citrus vinaigrette, garnished with pomegranate seeds and queso fresco. (Michelle Tip: I asked them for a side of the Chimichurri aioli and put it on top of the chicken as well. It was so delicious and the perfect amount of food to still enjoy more snacks around the park later.)

我还在Isla Nu-bar点了一杯美味的天堂之鸟鸡尾酒。I asked for it in a souvenir tiki cup that Iproudly display on my bar cart at home. Then of course, I decided to go on the ride again!


如果你有小孩,不能骑侏罗纪世界-骑,有儿童开关可要求。这是一个大人骑马,另一个大人陪着孩子,然后你们交换。There is also aDinoPlayarea where kids can run around and excavate giant dinosaur fossils at a discovery dig site. They can explore a full-size T. rex skull and dinosaur eggs, play in a jungle gym area and more.


Jurassic World Raptor Encounter


Here’s a list of Dinosaurs you might encounter on this attraction…

  • Mosasaurus
  • Dilophosaurus
  • Stegosaurus
  • Parasaurolophus
  • Compsognathus
  • Indominus Rex
  • Velociraptor
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex


  • Must be at least 42” (107 cm).
  • Children between 42” (107 cm) and 48” (122 cm) must be accompanied by a Supervising Companion.
  • Child Switch is available upon request
  • Universal Express is available
  • Single Rider Line available
  • Water Ride

What’s your favorite dinosaur? Let me know in the comments! And if you’re also a big fan, check out some of the other blogs I’ve written about my love of Jurassichere.

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  • Reply Crystal June 3, 2022 at 4:58 pm

    Swimming in water Dino: Plesiosaur. Walking on land Dino: Brontosaurus. Cutest Dino: Apatosaurus. My favorite Dinosaurs has always been the ones with long necks.

  • Reply Social Media Team June 3, 2022 at 5:42 pm

    Hey Crystal, thank you for sharing your favorite dinosaurs with us! We can’t wait to see you in the parks!

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